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Corporate Overview

Madison Vaccines Incorporated (MVI) is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on advancing innovative therapies in three distinct stages of prostate cancer from pre-metastatic, to the start of metastases, to late-stage, castrate-resistant disease.

Growing Need

With “Baby Boomers” reaching the age when men are most commonly diagnosed with prostate cancer, Madison Vaccines is positioned to address the expected surge in the number of cases of this disease over the next two decades. The projected compounded annual growth rates for new cases of prostate cancer is 2.8 % from 2010-2020 and 1.8% from 2020-2030. As many as a third of patients initially treated for this disease will experience disease recurrence, and approximately half of these men will progress to bone metastases and die from prostate cancer.

MVI vaccines directly target this growing patient population with vaccines designed to re-activate the body’s own immune system to kill prostate tumors, to prevent crippling bone metastases, and improve quality and duration of life. Link to Product Page

MVI is working with premier prostate cancer treatment institutions in the U.S. to insure high quality trials, maximizing its opportunity to achieve safe, effective, approvable, and reimbursable therapies for patients.