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Relevant Literature from the McNeel Laboratory

Technology discovered and initially translated in the laboratory of Douglas McNeel, M.D., Ph.D. underpin the science and clinical development strategies of MVI. Dr. McNeel and collaborating scientists have published their work in peer-reviewed journals and written reviews on DNA vaccines and tumor immunotherapy. A sample bibliography is listed below.


Prostatic Acid Phosphatase Vaccine and Immunology


Johnson LE and McNeel DG.  (2012)  “Identification of prostatic acid phosphatase (PAP) specific HLA-DR1-restricted T-cell epitopes.”  Prostate  72:730-740.  (PMID: 22529020)


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Androgen Receptor Vaccine and Immunology


Olson BM, Johnson LE, and McNeel DG.  (2013)  “The androgen receptor – a biologically-relevant vaccine target for the treatment of prostate cancer.”  Cancer Immunol. Immunoth.  62:585-596.  (PMID: 23108626, PMD)


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Antigen-specific CD8+ Regulatory T-cells


Olson BM, Jankowska-Gan E, Becker JT, Vignali DAA, Burlingham WJ, and McNeel DG.  (2012)  “Human prostate tumor antigen-specific CD8+ regulatory T cells are inhibited by CTLA-4 or IL-35 blockade.”  J. Immunol.  189:5590-5601.  (PMID: 23152566, PMCID)



Selected Invited Review Articles


Colluru VT, Johnson LE, Olson BM, and McNeel DG.  (2013)  “Preclinical and clinical development of DNA vaccines for prostate cancer.”  Urol. Oncol. (in press).


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